Special Offers

End of  lines, over-runs and useful materials for re-cycling

Here we regularly list items that we are clearing at reduced prices – or in some cases at just the carriage charge!

Remember, you are more than welcome to arrange collection or to pick up in person.

End Of Lines

These are typically materials that we will no longer use, normally due to changes in specification by our customers and can be supplied with full batch traceability and product details.


These items include materials manufactured as production batches, where we may only have requirements for part – by offering these we free up storage space!

We may also occasionally have over-runs of washers or standard gaskets and mouldings, you will find these offered here also at good discounts.

Off-cuts and Centres

While we maximise the use of all our materials, we inevitably are left with skeletons and centres of gaskets that we have no use for. Mostly these materials are shredded and ground up for use in various applications, such as road surfacing, playground mulch, moulding street furniture etc. However many pieces are usable – and if we have something that suits your application, these can save you lots of money!


The items on this page will be offered as and when they are available – we cannot confirm if the same materials or parts will repeat, but will be happy to discuss and requirement you may have.

centres of gaskets
EPDM rubber discs

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As these items may be varied, please read the full description in the SKU reference – if you would like further information on any item before buying, please ring us on 01787 880433 to confirm.

6mm EPDM 800mm Dia DiscsCQ 65°sh EPDM Discs 800mm Ø£2.00
1.5mm Nit/Cork Centres 260mm dia260mm dia x 1.5mm good grade Nitrile/Cork discs – many other sizes and quantities!£0.05
3mm High Temp Red Silicone 385mm x 285mm385mm long x 285mm wide 3mm High Temperature (300°C) 60sh Red Silicone Sheets – FDA …£1.00
2mm Fire Retardant Neoprene Fabric Backed 1.4x10mFull Rolls 1.4m wide x 10mt long – normal price £420.00 per roll excluding delivery …£290.00