Black Rubber Anti Fatigue Mats

1mt x 1.5mt sheets


Supplied through our sister company, this mat is typically used for safety matting in playgrounds having been tested to BS EN 1177 for a critical fall height of 3.5mts.

However, the mat is multi-functional – and in the workplace  offers a cost effective Anti-Fatigue mat for workstations and walkways.

The mat is a ‘hollow’ or ‘ring’ mat design with multiple holes, allowing water to flow freely through in wet areas – but also acting as a dirt trap. This is especially useful in front  of lathes for instance, where swarf is trapped in the hollows while working, and easily cleaned after.

Material Specification

Material          100% Natural/Synthetic Rubber Blend

Hardness         60°sh A

Temp                -20 to +80°C

Fixing               Ground pins available for soft ground fixing and cable ties for mat to mat fixing.


These mats are used in play areas, as anti-poaching mats in wet ground conditions, grass reinforcement mats, walkway mats, dirt collection mats, anti-fatigue mats, wash area mats, caravan mats etc.


The mats are available in 1m x 1.5mt sheets in 16mm and 22mm thickness

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