WRAS EPDM Sheeting 70°shore

1.5mm to 6mm x 1.4mt wide – prices per linear metre


This material is a UK WRAS approved EPDM suitable for use with Potable water.

Material Specification

Polymer EPDM 100%
Colour Black
Hardness 70°±5°shore A
Tensile Strength 110Kg/cm2
Density 1.15
Elongation at break 320%
Min Temp -40°C
Max Temp +120°C


This is a cold water approved WRAS EPDM sheeting (tested at 23°C) and is suitable for use as flange gaskets, washers, tank, valve and pump gaskets.

As a high grade EPDM compound, the material also has excellent weathering and ozone resistance.

If used in hot water applications, tainting may occur and parts should always be tested and approved before installation at high temperature.


The material is available from roll 1.mts wide – 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm are in maximum 10mt rolls, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm can also be supplied and are in maximum 5mt rolls.

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Please select thickness, sheet size and quantity below to purchase. Prices are per linear metre 1.4mt wide and cut pieces will be supplied in one piece.

Discounts       5 Lnmts less 5%     10 Lnmts less 10%

1.5mm WRAS EPDM£17.04
2mm WRAS EPDM£21.42
3mm WRAS EPDM£31.46
4mm WRAS EPDM£41.13
5mm WRAS EPDM£51.01
6mm WRAS EPDM£60.91