White FDA Rubber Sheeting 50°shore

1.5m to 12mm thick 1.4mt wide – prices per linear metre


This material is an FDA rubber produced from a blend of  Natural and SBR  suitable for use with Food and Drink – and also for medical applications.

The material is compounded from a list of FDA approved materials complying with Part 177 – indirect food additives section 177.2600 (Rubber articles intended for repeated use).

Material Specification

Hardness                    50±5°shore A
Tensile Strength        3.5Mpa
Density                        1.55 sg
Tear Strength             25
Compression Set       35%
Elongation at break  300%
Min Temp                   -40°C
Max Temp                  +90°C


As an FDA Rubber  material, it is used extensively in the Food and medical equipment industries. As a softer sheet material, gaskets produced from this material are suitable for low pressure sealing with low bolt loading suited to thinner metal gauge flanges.


The material is available from roll 1.2mts wide –  1.5mm, 3mm, 5mm and 6mm are in maximum 10mt rolls,  10mm and 12mm are in maximum 5mt rolls. Other thicknesses are available on request.

fda silicone gaskets for brewery

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Please select thickness, sheet size and quantity below to purchase. Prices are per linear metre 1.4mt wide and cut pieces will be supplied in one piece.

Discounts for available – 5lnmt less 5%   10lnmts less 10%

1.5mm Food Quality Natural White FDA 50?sh?5?£26.23
3mm Food Quality Natural White FDA 50?sh?5?£60.72
5mm Food Quality Natural White FDA 50?sh?5?£99.27
6mm Food Quality Natural White FDA 50?sh?5?£121.45
10mm Food Quality Natural White FDA 50?sh?5?£198.55
12mm Food Quality Natural White FDA 50?sh?5?£238.27