Steel tanged (or pegged) Graphite Sheeting

1mm to 3mm

EAS Tanged Graphite is a homogeneous material that contains no adhesives or binders. Even after long service periods, this material displays no notable change in its properties compared with other sealing materials. Inhibitors can be added to enhance oxidation and corrosion resistance properties of the flexible graphite if required.


Tanged graphite is expanded graphite foil reinforced with a single or more insertions of tanged 0.1mm thick stainless steel. No adhesive is used to bond the graphite layers. This material is used frequently in flange connections for piping and machinery. It is suitable for steam systems, in chemical and petrochemical industries, processing industries etc.

Thickness mm: 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0
Max Temperature: -200°C to +500° Oxid
-200°C to +550°C Steam
Max Pressure: 140 bar
Density: 1.1 g/cm3
Ash Content % DIN 51  903: <1.0
Leachable chloride content ppm: <50
Insertion Material DIN/ASTM: Stainless Steel
Thickness of insertion mm: 0.1
Number of inserts: 1 or 2
Gas Permeability cm2/min: 0.6 <0.6<0.8<1.0


Soft, Flexible, Impermeable to gases and liquids, Suitable for high pressures, Insert, Long term stability,Resistance to radiation, Excellent residual stress, No Ageing, No embrittlement, Suitable for lamination using commercial adhesives, Excellent resistance to thermal shock, No measurable cold/warm flow, Low co-efficient of friction


This material is normally available from stock or within 2-3 days from our warehouse in 1mt x mt square sheet format.

Larger 1.5mt square sheets are available on request.

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