Nitrile Cork Sheeting to BS 2F 66 Specification

1.5mm to 8mm thick in 1040mm x 1040mm sheet size

A premium quality cork sheet using an NBR (Nitrile) rubber binder.


The material has a higher hardness manufactured from fine Cork Granules providing excellent oil, heat and ozone resistant properties. It is widely used by SEBs and Major OE Transformer manufacturers and is generally equivalent to SCC1120 or SB210 corks widely available in the UK.

Material Specification

Binder NBR/SBR
Cork Particle Size 0.5mm to 1mm
Sheet Size 1040mm x 1040mm
Coil Size up to 200mt x 150mm
Physical Characteristics Specification Typical Result
Hardness Shore A 70±5° 73°
Compressibility @ 400psi 25-35% 26%
Recovery 80% min 87%
Tensile Strength 15.5 Kg/cm² min 23.14
Flexibility No Cracks (F5) No Cracks
Volume Change after immersion
ASTM Oil#3 70hrs at 100°C 20% max 19.56%
Transformer Oil 70hrs at 90°C 8% max 6.10%
Test Method IS: 4253 part 11 2008
BS 2F 66:1982


This material is used widely for gaskets in Power Transformer and Heavy Engineering applications. As an oil resistant gasket material with superb sealing properties it is also used across many automotive and industrial applications. It has greater stability than rubbers and higher conformity to non-asbestos materials and is often the preferred solution to applications where other materials often fail.


Our Nitrile Cork is stocked in 1040mm x 1040mm sheets 1.5mm, 2mm 2.4mm,  3mm , 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm thicknesses.

Other thicknesses can be manufactured on request.

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1.5mm Cork Nitrile/Cork BS2 F 66 Med Qual£8.74
2mm Cork Nitrile/Cork BS2 F 66 Med Qual£11.64
2.4mm Cork Nitrile/Cork BS2 F 66 Med Qual£13.98
3mm Cork Nitrile/Cork BS2 F 66 Med Qual£17.48
4mm Cork Nitrile/Cork BS2 F 66 Med Qual£23.30
5mm Cork Nitrile/Cork BS2 F 66 Med Qual£29.14
6mm Cork Nitrile/Cork BS2 F 66 Med Qual£34.96
8mm Cork Nitrile/Cork BS2 F 66 Med Qual£51.72