EA63 Graphite Packing

1/8″ (3mm )to 1″ (25mm) square in 8mt boxes


Our EA63 packing is an exceptional performance Gland Packing. The pure expanded flexible Graphite material has physical properties that enable this product to operate effectively under the most difficult conditions as it is formed to the shape of the valve box under compression.

The material is dimensionally stable, impervious to gases and fluids and shows exceptional temperature and chemical resistance combined with a maximum temperature of over 3000°C.

Supplied in standard spool sizes and lengths, EA63 eliminates the need to stock pre-formed graphite rings. The material is easy to use and is simply cut to length and spiralled into the gland. Under compression, the graphite ‘cold flows’ and forms a homogeneous seal that is self-lubricating and will not shrink or harden in use.

Material Specification

Appearance:                       Black Braided Packing
Surface finish:                    Graphite self-lubricating
Pressure Rating:                200bar
Rotary Speed:                    30m/s (6000fpm)
Temperature:                     -184°C to  3037°C
PH Range:                           0-14


This long life, minimal leakage packing is suitable for use in pumps, valves, mixers, agitators and static sealing applications against all acids, alkalis and solvents (except strong oxidizing compounds such as concentrated nitric and sulphuric acids and molten alkali metals). The material is suitable for use against boiler feed water and superheated or saturated steam.

Expanded Graphite material is widely specified in refineries, power stations, petrochemical processes, pulp and paper industries and is commonly used for steam valve sealing. An Inconel wire reinforced format of this packing is available as our EAS63i.

Separate Health and Safety details on composite parts of this packing will be supplied with each delivery.


The material is available in standard 8mt coils in 3mm (1/8″), 5mm (3/16″), 6.5mm (1/4″), 8mm (5/16″), 9.5mm (3/8″), 11mm (7/16″), 12.5mm (1/2″), 14mm (9/16″), 16mm (5/8″), 19mm (3/4″), 22mm (7/8″) and 25mm (1″) square sections.

Other sizes can be made on request.

Graphite Inconel Packing
graphite inconel packing

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3/16" Graphite Packing30mt per box£61.55
1/4" Graphite Packing8mt per box£30.79
5/16" Graphite Packing8mt per box£52.76
3/8" Graphite Packing8mt per box£68.74
7/16" Graphite Packing8mt per box£88.91
1/2" Graphite Packing8mt per box£106.03
9/16" Graphite Packing8mt per box£128.69
5/8" Graphite Packing8mt per box£156.94
3/4" Graphite Packing8mt per box£234.33
7/8" Graphite Packing8mt per box£302.19
1" Graphite Packing8mt per box£447.43