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These 8mm Aerospace grade Aluminium plates have been cut with precision circular and hex holes ready for welding before installation

Aerospace Quality Aluminium Plates



2018 looks like it will continue as did 2017, to increase our output significantly with new customers both here in the UK and overseas. We have some very interesting projects that are beginning this year and we’ll keep those of you updated who follow FB, Twitter and various blogs as these progress. Our plans for 2018 include further expansion here and more new machinery – along with additional staff. We’re also looking to move into new markets while continuing to build on existing product lines and service areas – all good news for our customers and suppliers with whom we look forward to continued support – and we thank all of you for helping us to achieve our targets year on year !




Re-introducing our CorrSeal Gasket !

Our CORRSEAL gasket, based on a corrugated metal core with either Graphite or PTFE facings has been used by several companies since its introduction in November 2002 but has never had the full ‘in your face’ promotions or advertising that it’s competition – Spiral Wound Gaskets and Kamprofiles have had over the years.

Apart from being more versatile, withstanding greater pressures and bolt loadings – and being re-usable, these gaskets have an elite following of engineers who understand their capabilities – and how they can make life a whole lot easier!

Call us for further details – we’ll email the original data booklet which includes the Global approvals held and outlines clearly the potential of this ‘Super Gasket’ !




New processes are available!

We can now offer both Form In Place (FIP) gasket sealing direct onto your components, alongside robotic fluid dispensing (beading) in various different materials onto gaskets for different applications.

Used widely in the electrical components industry, the FIP sealing method is often the only option when sealing narrow flanges where adhesion to the flange is critical to ensure a weatherproof joint is made.

Beaded gaskets offer higher compression sealing around critical points in a gasket where leak-paths have been identified (for instance on gaskets where hot ports and cold ports produce thermal differences in the seal).

Different forms, materials and hardness of beading can be made using flash curing compounds – all beading is made direct from CAD without the need for tooling or printing screens. Beading or over-moulding can also be added by transfer injection onto parts – especially where mechanical bonding is required on gasket edges etc – with this process nominal tool costs may apply depending on the volume of parts required.




New Gaskets and Seals Web Shop


We begin setting up our new web-shop at the beginning of October – if you have any products you’d like us to include email us at – we’ll be more than happy to add them!

We’ll be including as many Gaskets and Seals as possible – along with all the various materials we regularly sell to trade and user customers across the UK.

Watch out for the special features along with the information pages on the many different materials and products available.


Ex Employee!

Gasket and Seal production doesn’t suit everyone !

This young lad came to us from school 4 years ago but we recognised that gasket cutting was never going to float his boat!

We’re now proud to say that Dale has now gone through University and has now got letters after his name – and has just taken a job with the NHS as a Radiographer!

Well Done Dale !

We’re currently looking at taking on more staff and always interested in hearing from anyone who would like to join our team – email with your CV



50mm Neoprene


We’re currently cutting lots of 50mm Neoprene parts – leaving offcuts and centres that we’ll happily pass on to a good home at a very reasonable cost! Alternatively we can water-jet cut parts for you with VERY low material costs!

 Can we Cut It?   Yes We Can ! 



We don’t just cut gaskets at EAS – one of the jobs today for instance was in 4mm tinted glass, which the water-jet cut without any losses – perfectly dimensioned at 38.3mm with zero tolerance!

By using tool-less cutting equipment, we are very quickly able to replicate parts either from existing samples, from customer drawings – or by photo-measuring actual equipment sealing faces!

All done now without the need for manual measurement through non-contact technology.


To check customers product prior to manufacture, we’re also asked to perform feats of inspection most manufacturers would not expect to have to do. As an example, this rubber moulding has a steel insert – meant to be stainless steel to specific dimensions – unfortunately found to be a low grade carbon steel liable to corrosion, and also not produced to the drawing dimensions – something for us to rectify now with new tooling and a much keener piece price!

Cork Sheeting


Cork Sheet Offer
With the increasing costs of our natural resources, combined with fluctuations in currency exchange rates in the UK, we have seen unprecedented changes in costs of some of our basic gasket materials.

In particular, as a company, we use LOTS of cork sheeting – which we mostly convert into gaskets and washers by press-cutting or tool-less knife cutting or even by water-jet – especially good for high tolerances!

We do not profess to be a materials supplier – however believe we can now benefit the gasket industry in the UK by offering some of our base materials for conversion.

As an example – our 1720 grade Cork sheeting (equivalent to the original Cork Manufacturing SB210, or later SCC1120 or TD1120 grades)

1mt x 1mt nominal sheets (1040mm x 1040mm untrimmed) – prices for 1 sheet upwards (call for box discounts!)

0.8mm 1.0mm 1.5mm 2.0mm 2.4mm 3.0mm 4.0mm 4.5mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm
£3.15 £3.90 £5.85 £7.80 £9.35 £11.70 £15.60 £17.50 £19.45 £23.35 £31.15 £38.90 £46.70
We carry other grades of material and are happy to send samples and specification sheets – please email

More About Us


We don’t profess to be the Biggest, or the Best, or the Leaders, or the Only, or the Cheapest in our industry, but we do aim to provide the most straight-forward, honest, and reputable service for all our products, at competitive rates, to our ever-growing list of customers here in the UK, and World-Wide!

As we grow, we are becoming increasingly involved in some very major contracts – and these World-Class companies expect a level of service – from our initial response to enquiries, through manufacturing , supply and to our after-service and follow-up – to be of the highest level appropriate to our company and the product being supplied.

With this ‘wider calling’ – we are also being requested to supply new products, new materials, and new technologies and production methods – expanding our knowledge and expertise into areas previously unprecedented.

Much of this goes unseen by our regular customers, and we certainly don’t market ourselves by demonstrating some of the projects that we work within as that could be counter-productive – especially as non-disclosure contracts are often part of the agreements with these companies.

However, we’re more than willing to work ‘outside the box’ – and look at products that may not naturally fall within the categories of ‘gaskets’ or ‘seals’ – so, don’t be afraid to ask – you may be surprised at our capabilities, and what we’ve previously been involved with!

Santoprene Sheeting Stock Clearance


Due to change in manufacture from cut gaskets to moulded gaskets, we have the following over-run stock to clear on behalf of our customer;

NSF Quality Santoprene Sheeting 3ft wide x 0.125″ ± 0.012″

Approx 594 sqft (66 sq yards) £7.50 per sqft – part or whole batch.

New CAD creation and digital non-contact measurement


CAD Creation and Non-Contact Measurement System

We are currently developing a new low-cost system with an associate company, capable of accurately measuring 2D samples while also converting that information into drawing files (DXF, DWG etc). This is particularly useful for us in the gasket industry, where digitisation of parts requires hardware and software – or laboriously drawing the products in CAD programs.

With complicated gaskets, manual drawing can take up to 2 hours quite easily, while with this new system it’s done with the simple click of a button – making the job a lot easier! Files created by the system can then be used to manufacture tooling, or to run CAD based machinery such as knife-cutters, lasers or water-jet equipment.

At EAS we regularly draw on average 10 new parts each day, and estimate that we spend on least 3 hours a day on this process – with the new system, 10 parts can be non-contact measured and digitised into CAD drawings easily within 15 minutes.

If you would like a video demonstration of the system, measuring and converting your own sample into a CAD file, we hope to be able to offer this in the next few weeks – if happy, the system can be supplied with all hard-ware and software at a fraction of other systems. (comparative 2D non-contact scanning systems are anywhere from £15,000.00 upwards!). Full back-up for the system will also be provided by the software company – again at a very reasonable, low annual subscription.

Please call us on 01787 880433 or email at for further information, details on costs etc.

Industrial Rubber Matting

 Industrial Rubber Matting
In conjunction with our Sister company, Horsemat Ltd – we offer a full range of Industrial Rubber matting products for safety, comfort and hygiene.These include roll form rubber materials up to 2.4m wide, solid pvc and foam pvc mats, rubber and plastic tile systems, high-grip safety matting in rubber and pvc, bespoke moulded matting, cork matting and fabricated logo mats.One of their most successful products – offered fully fitted – is the perfect solution for over-flow grass parking, a must where planning restrictions are in force and fully SUDS compliant!

Check out their web-site at for further information – or give one of the team a call for their expert advice!

 Checker Tile1


 Mesh Field




Turning Back Time
While old company history isn’t often relevant in today’s business, it is often surprising how many of the old-established companies are still going strong – and undoubtedly will battle through the Brexit changes during 2017!

During our New Year office tidy up, we came across this old ledger listing all the companies with their respective turnovers from 1973 when J. Law & Co Ltd of Barking, Essex and Polyco Products Ltd of Tottenham merged to become Law Polyco Ltd and moved out of London to Sudbury as part of the Greater London Overspill program.

With a 99 year ‘peppercorn’ rent from the local council of just £1.00 per year, this gave Law Polyco a great boost and ensured the company’s success over the next 15 years until it was sold and became part of a larger group of companies run by an accountant – who had no business sense and over the next 4 years stripped all the cash from the businesses until in 1992 all 23 companies in the group went into liquidation.

Fortunately, the business didn’t die – along with the former owner Peter Grieves, Steve Cant and Mark Stuart retained the major customers and continued on to form a new company, which Steve directed until 2002 when East Anglian Sealing Co Ltd was established.


Commercial and Technical Mouldings








From standard O rings and grommets to Rubber Bonded Metal Components – 0.5gr to 50kg shot load, 1mm dia to 32mts dia (and bigger) we are able to supply all types of rubbers – and plastics, using low-cost tooling – in any quantity.

We regularly supply both OEM and Trade re-sellers across the UK and Europe with an eclectic range of product using compression and injection moulding processes, along with stage moulding, extruded shot moulding and dual-hardness moulding in all polymers, including engineering plastics such as PTFE and PEEK.

UK Gasket and Sealing Association Membership

We are pleased to confirm our membership from 1st December 2016 to the UK Gasket & Sealing Association.
Originally the Gasket Cutters Association, recently renamed to encompass the overall sealing aspect of the industry, the association was formed in the early 1990’s and we see membership as a means of putting a collective voice to various issues that we feel strongly about in our industry in the UK.


Corragasket Technology




Although this type of gasket has been used widely in America and many other countries, and has   been tested and accredited by many different international companies, the product has had to fight strong competition in the UK from Spiral Wound Gaskets and Kamprofiles, especially with the influx of those parts now from India, China and Korea.

However, the Corragasket product – a corrugated metal centre with either graphite or PTFE facings on each side, is still a force to be reckoned with!

Call us now for a pdf brochure, price list or product sample !