FDA Mouldings

Food Quality Mouldings

Phthalate Free

Our Food Quality materials include silicones in any colour – all confirming to FDA21CFR, EC1935/2004, EU10/2011, EC2023/2006 specifications  – and all Phthalate Free!

Liquid Injection

Using liquid injection moulding equipment, these food quality rubber mouldings are self-trimmed on the press. They can be manufactured, inspected and bagged without being touched by human-hand!

Typically parts will have a 100% visual inspection, however, and this will often require them to be handled. As in the parts pictured here, being silicone and static – attracting all sorts of dust in the air, the parts are quickly cleaned with boiling water and sterilising agents prior to being fitted to equipment.

Low-Cost Tooling

Injection tooling for these products is supplied at prices well below the £1000.00 ceiling required by our customers (100-150gram parts). And good news for our customers, we are consistently 60% below normal costs when compared to other suppliers.

Coupled with low-cost tooling – we also ensure our piece prices are highly competitive. As a supplier to OEMs, and resellers, we always aim to meet your particular requirements and come in well below target!