Turning Back Time
While old company history isn’t often relevant in today’s business, it is often surprising how many of the old-established companies are still going strong – and undoubtedly will battle through the Brexit changes during 2017!

During our New Year office tidy up, we came across this old ledger listing all the companies with their respective turnovers from 1973 when J. Law & Co Ltd of Barking, Essex and Polyco Products Ltd of Tottenham merged to become Law Polyco Ltd and moved out of London to Sudbury as part of the Greater London Overspill program.

With a 99 year ‘peppercorn’ rent from the local council of just £1.00 per year, this gave Law Polyco a great boost and ensured the company’s success over the next 15 years until it was sold and became part of a larger group of companies run by an accountant – who had no business sense and over the next 4 years stripped all the cash from the businesses until in 1992 all 23 companies in the group went into liquidation.

Fortunately, the business didn’t die – along with the former owner Peter Grieves, Steve Cant and Mark Stuart retained the major customers and continued on to form a new company, which Steve directed until 2002 when East Anglian Sealing Co Ltd was established.