New CAD Creation & Digital Non-contact Measurement

We are currently developing a new low-cost system with an associate company, capable of accurately measuring 2D samples while also converting that information into drawing files (DXF, DWG etc). This is particularly useful for us in the gasket industry, where digitisation of parts requires hardware and software – or laboriously drawing the products in CAD programs.

With complicated gaskets, manual drawing can take up to 2 hours quite easily, while with this new system it’s done with the simple click of a button – making the job a lot easier! Files created by the system can then be used to manufacture tooling, or to run CAD based machinery such as knife-cutters, lasers or water-jet equipment.

At EAS we regularly draw on average 10 new parts each day, and estimate that we spend on least 3 hours a day on this process – with the new system, 10 parts can be non-contact measured and digitised into CAD drawings easily within 15 minutes.

If you would like a video demonstration of the system, measuring and converting your own sample into a CAD file, we hope to be able to offer this in the next few weeks – if happy, the system can be supplied with all hardware and software at a fraction of other systems. (comparative 2D non-contact scanning systems are anywhere from £15,000.00 upwards!). Full back-up for the system will also be provided by the software company – again at a very reasonable, low annual subscription.

Please call us on 01787 880433 or email at for further information, details on costs etc.

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