Transformer grade Cork 50mm x 50mt coils

50mm wide strip in 3mm, 5mm and 6mm thicknesses – 50mt coil form

An high quality Transformer grade cork material to BS 2F 66.


This material is recommended for use with transformer oils – the 50mm wide strip can be simply butt joined or dovetailed at corners to make large sealing gaskets.

Material Specification

Binder NBR/SBR
Cork Particle Size 0.5mm to 1mm
Sheet Size 1040mm x 1040mm
Coil Size up to 200mt x 150mm
Physical Characteristics Specification Typical Result
Hardness Shore A 70±5° 73°
Compressibility @ 400psi 25-35% 26%
Recovery 80% min 87%
Tensile Strength 15.5 Kg/cm² min 23.14
Flexibility No Cracks (F5) No Cracks
Volume Change after immersion
ASTM Oil#3 70hrs at 100°C 20% max 19.56%
Transformer Oil 70hrs at 90°C 8% max 6.10%
Test Method IS: 4253 part 11 2008
BS 2F 66:1982


Typically used on industrial oil filled transformers – also on water cooling radiators and similar applications. The material is supplied in 50mm width and 50mt coils which can be cut to length and bolt holes marked and punched to suit each tank. Joints in this material are normally either butt joined and cold bonded, or can be dovetailed.


We have three thicknesses currently available from stock currently at special offer prices  – on depletion of the current stock, new material will be made, however further production will almost certainly be at higher prices!

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50mm x 6mm x 50mt£58.50