Cork Sheet Offer
With the increasing costs of our natural resources, combined with fluctuations in currency exchange rates in the UK, we have seen unprecedented changes in costs of some of our basic gasket materials.

In particular, as a company, we use LOTS of cork sheeting – which we mostly convert into gaskets and washers by press-cutting or tool-less knife cutting or even by water-jet – especially good for high tolerances!

We do not profess to be a materials supplier – however, believe we can now benefit the gasket industry in the UK by offering some of our base materials for conversion.

As an example – our 1720 grade Cork sheeting (equivalent to the original Cork Manufacturing SB210, or later SCC1120 or TD1120 grades)

1mt x 1mt nominal sheets (1040mm x 1040mm untrimmed) – prices for 1 sheet upwards (call for box discounts!)