Can We Cut It? Yes We Can!

We don’t just cut gaskets at EAS – one of the jobs today, for instance, was in 4mm tinted glass, which the water-jet cut without any losses – perfectly dimensioned at 38.3mm with zero tolerance!

By using tool-less cutting equipment, we are very quickly able to replicate parts either from existing samples, from customer drawings – or by photo-measuring actual equipment sealing faces!

All done now without the need for manual measurement through non-contact technology.

To check customers product prior to manufacture, we’re also asked to perform feats of inspection most manufacturers would not expect to have to do. As an example, this rubber moulding has a steel insert – meant to be stainless steel to specific dimensions – unfortunately, found to be a low-grade carbon steel liable to corrosion, and also not produced to the drawing dimensions – something for us to rectify now with new tooling and a much keener piece price!