New processes are available!

We can now offer both Form In Place (FIP) gasket sealing direct onto your components, alongside robotic fluid dispensing (beading) in various different materials onto gaskets for different applications.

Used widely in the electrical components industry, the FIP sealing method is often the only option when sealing narrow flanges where adhesion to the flange is critical to ensure a weatherproof joint is made.

Beaded gaskets offer higher compression sealing around critical points in a gasket where leak-paths have been identified (for instance on gaskets where hot ports and cold ports produce thermal differences in the seal).

Different forms, materials and hardness of beading can be made using flash curing compounds – all beading is made direct from CAD without the need for tooling or printing screens. Beading or over-moulding can also be added by transfer injection onto parts – especially where mechanical bonding is required on gasket edges etc – with this process nominal tool costs may apply depending on the volume of parts required.




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