Water jet gaskets, design cad are among the services offered by EAS Ltd which also include consultation, maintenance, testing and analysis along with many other customer driven offerings to our partner companies.

Water Jet Cutting
Our Flow Mach 2 Water Jet cutting machine uses either pure water – or a garnet abrasive stream to cut at 60,000 psi – the speed of water at the nozzle is a staggering 3500 miles per hour (4.½ x the speed of sound!). We produce CAD files for all parts cut on the water-jet – either from drawings or samples – this information is then run through a nesting program to ensure minimum wastage of material – and optimum cutting speed. A wide range of materials can be cut with metals up to 200mm and softer materials such as foams up to 250mm and with a 2m x 3m bed, most materials can be accommodated. Water jet gaskets offer the highest tolerance possible, in the widest range of materials.

Mach_2_2031b_with_roll_around metal_cut_part_001 metal_cut_part_036

We are approved to ISO 9001:2008 for design and can offer advice, or help design / re-design any of the parts that we are able to supply across the many different types of materials we handle. We can also use our extensive material manufacturer base to ascertain correct materials for specific applications, and in many cases can also organise for testing to be made on these materials.

2D and 3D CAD facilities are available in-house and with our tool-makers for CAD drawings – which are used either for tool-production, or for product manufacture through one of our CAD/CAM machines. We are able to produce drawings from samples using a range of measurement devices, both contact and non-contact – gaskets, seals or any shaped product can be undertaken.

Free Issue Cutting
Using any of our machines on site, we are able to offer a free-issue cutting service for all types of materials, including metals, stones, glass, plastics etc. Parts can be replicated from existing product with relative ease, and items such as Cylinder Head gaskets are regularly supplied for classic and vintage vehicles.

Stock Inventory and Technical Support
We are happy to make site visits to ascertain stock levels and types of product, confirming existing materials is one regular requirement by customers. From an inventory check we can determine which parts we can offer and provide up-to-date costs.

Stock Control
With various methods of stock control available to us, from Kan-Ban through to simple Fax/Email/Text-Back services we can offer a simplified method of helping customers in this sometimes arduous task. We are also able to hold stock in our warehouses for prompt JIT deliveries where requested, or offer consignment stocks of more regularly used parts.

Trade Supplier
With a background dating from the 1970’s with the then company, Law Polyco – one of the major independant gasket UK manufacturers, we continue that history with a mixed supplier to both users and trade companies across the UK, who resell our products. Often this is by means of us simply converting free issue material by fabricating, high-speed press production, CNC machining or water-jet – often using our fast increasing capabilities in design and retro-design of product. Together with these select companies, we continue to gain business over a shared accumulated knowledge, widening selection of materials, customer base and potential customer base.