Rubber Profiles


EAS offer all types of extruded rubber profiles – in any material, size or configuration. While our sections are mainly bespoke to particular customers designs and totally application dependant, we also offer many regular extruded sections such as round cords, D sections, square sections and tubes.


Door and Window Seals

Using a combination of extruded profile and moulded corner sections, we supply various door and window seals. Typically these are mostly now in EPDM materials, but dual hardness materials – often expanded foam sections with solid rubber sections are also manufactured. We are also able to offer profiles reinforced with anti-stretch fibre cords, or metallic grips – typically seen on automotive door and boot seals – or even refrigerator doors.


All types of rubbers are extruded – the more common ones being EPDM, Neoprene (especially in fire retardant grades), Nitrile, Viton and Silicone (often used for food applications). We are also able to process TPR grades of material. Both solid and sponge variants of these materials are produced, the extrusion process providing a natural outer skin to the material as it is extruded.

Specialist Seals

Products such as intumescent seals used as fire barriers on doors, ductwork, windows etc are produced used special materials and profiles that can restrict burn rates, while inflatable seals can be produced with valves that allow the seal to be pressurised when closed, to ensure zero leakage in environments for instance, where there is bio-hazard. We are more than happy to help design these and any similar seals for more obscure situations!


We can use all types of drawings, mating parts or even reverse-engineer profiles from existing extrusions as seen by the simple shadowgraph cross section below. We use high-accuracy non-contact photo measurement of parts which allows us to convert cross sections into accurate CAD drawings in seconds – keeping down our costs and ensuring competitive prices.