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Cork Sheeting & Gaskets


We now offer an ever increasing range of quality Cork Sheeting and Cork Gaskets to the European market.

While we predominantly convert these materials at our factory into gaskets, we also offer the materials to the trade as competitive grades to the narrow selection available in the UK for the past few years.

Often an over-looked material, Cork is still widely used in many applications and is an invaluable, inexpensive sealing material that often out-performs many modern alternative materials. Cork Gaskets for instance are still used in many Automotive applications – such as sump / oil pan gaskets.

We are happy to quote for either part or sheet enquiries – the standard sheet size stocked is 1040mm square, with slit coil material (normally used in transformer gaskets) up to 200mt long.  Please contact us for quotation at – replies are normally made within minutes on a working day ! Using our high speed presses, we are able to offer highly competitive prices on cork gaskets – even to trade re-sellers – and can give you the benefit of waste materials priced out of jobs to ensure best possible prices.

Current qualities stocked include General Purpose Automotive Corks, Nitrile Corks, Neoprene Corks, BS F2 66 Cork and Anti-Vibration Cork sheeting – stock thicknesses range from 1mm to 12mm – with production available to almost any thickness required on a short lead time.