As a major rubber importer typically handling enormous quantities of rubber each week, we stock a wide range of matting products for resale both to trade and end-user. Our CAD operated machines engineer the materials to meet various applications.
• Solid, Foam rubber, PVC, EVA and Polythene
• Industrial Anti-slip/ Anti-fatigue
• Platform matting
• Sport/Gym matting
• Automotive
• Bespoke CAD-cut items

As an example of a product that crosses over from the ‘Amenity’ matting area to ‘General Industrial’ rubber matting – our various anti-fatigue rubber mats include simple ‘hollow’ or ‘ring-type’ mats that allow fluids to flow freely through the mat, act as dirt-trap (particularly good for catching metal swarf around lathes!) and offer superb under-foot comfort, reducing the amount of strain on muscles and joints for employees who are working or walking on concrete floors.
It doesn’t stop at rubber matting ! We were awarded preferential distributorship of a range of grass protection and reinforcement products several years ago, and now supply these products for many different projects across the UK, including installation and ground-works where necessary.