EAS manufactures an ever-growing selection of gasket parts for almost every conceivable industry in the UK and Europe, while also supplying parts into strategic outlets worldwide. Since the first gasket was produced back in 2002, we have ensured we take the same care and attention over each part, no matter how big or small – from 1 off to multi-million requirements.  

Soft Cut Gaskets
We classify ‘soft-cut’ gaskets as parts made in flexible, or semi flexible materials. These include all types of rubbers, corks, felt, papers, plastics (ie PTFE), non-asbestos, graphite, mica, and foil or tanged/pegged metal reinforced materials along with more expensive materials such a silver loaded silicones. Standard manufacturing of these materials is from either ribbon steel or forged steel cutting tools, however fully CNC operated equipment including drag-knife, oscillating knife, water-jet and laser are used to produce parts without the need for conventional tooling. Using these state-of-the-art technologies, we can also produce parts quickly for proto-type, through to bulk production from simple drawings, CAD files or samples.

gasket_1singcylhg gasket_2

Metallic Gaskets
Backed by extensive gasket research and development along with full gasket testing and measurement services we offer standard gaskets which  are normally available from stock while our water-jet cutting facilities allow us to produce all types of metallic flat profile gaskets, in a wide selection of materials at very high tolerances. Products such as Copper Head Gaskets, Stainless Steel gaskets and shims, can be produced very quickly, without the need for expensive press tools – and without affecting the metal through heat or pressure while cutting. As part of our metallic gasket range, we can also offer cylinder head gaskets complete with fire rings and beading – while we specialise in heavy duty diesel applications we can also supply many different combinations of materials for an ever increasing selection of engines.

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